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Are you trying to find a long-lost relative or friend you used to know high school? If so there are many online resources that make this process far easier today than in times past before the advent of the Internet. Oftentimes it's a simple matter of going to one of the major search engines and simply typing that persons name in along with the last known residence or phone number for that person.

You'll be amazed to find out how much information there is out there about people available to the general public simply by performing free people searches on the top search engine such as Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft's search engine. These searches are completely free and can be performed on an unlimited basis as many times per days you wish. The search engine technology is extremely fast and results will appear within a matter of seconds and sometimes even milliseconds.

Of course of the persons name is not very unique, such as John Smith, it may be difficult to find that person as there could be hundreds and even thousands of pages of search results. That may search results when you are figuring out how to find a missing person for free online simply becomes an impossibility of sifting through.

You need to refine the search as most search engines have an advanced function that you can use to tailor your search to more specific terms to find a person for free For example there are ways that you can set the search engine search to provide only those pages that have the person specific name. If you do a search for Mary's Smith for example, without using this special advanced search parameters that the search engines offer, you will end up with thousands of pages that have the word marry and also the wordsmith somewhere on the page. This of course does you no good as you are looking for a person's name who is exactly Mary Smith.

Find the advanced function on the search engines and learn to use those parameters and the different fields that they offer on that advanced search page. Your search results will be much more specific and accurate and you'll spend less time sifting through the countless pages of irrelevant search results which will be produced if you don't use the advanced search function when you're trying to learn how to find a missing person for free online.

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