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How to Find a Missing Person

Have you ever wondered how to find a missing person? Luckily today with our modern technology and high-speed Internet connections it's never been easier to find missing people using the free and easy online resources. Simply using one of the major search engines is likely to yield results for finding lost persons.

Simply go to one of the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft search engine, etc. and began simply by typing the persons name in. Always enclose the person's full name" so that only those search results that include the exact phrase of the name are included. Otherwise you'll end up with many nonrelated search results which include both the first name in the last name but not necessarily those names together.

The issue of how to find a missing person is often result within seconds as the search engines respond almost immediately to search queries. If the first search does not yield results in the first or second pages, or if there are tens of thousands of search results, that makes you must refine your search using an advanced search method which almost all the search engines offer to some extent.

Simply click on the advanced search of the search engine page and enter send different parameters which will refine the search and filter out the unwanted results. For example, if you know someone had lived in Austin Texas for some time, you can include their name in quotes and also the city and state in which you knew they last resided in. This will dramatically decrease the number of search results that will be obtained for a given search.

For finding a missing person it's much easier if the name is not a common one. If the name is very common there is likely to be tens of thousands of search results for that given name in some form. In this case you'll absolutely have to use the advanced search functions of the search engine in order to narrow down the search results. You simply can't go through hundreds or thousands of pages of search results looking for what you want. Ideally when you figure out how to find a missing person you only have to spend a few minutes with one of the search engines in order to come up with some hits.

Likewise, you can always go to one of the social media networking sites, and do some searching there. Also, for how to find a person, you can use one of the major search engines for searching the social media sites for that person's name simply by inputting the name and the name of the social media website. Missing people can easily be found with this method by using a search engine like Google to first find a profile page on the social media website which the lost person has created perhaps.

What you found the persons profile on a social media website it becomes a simple matter then to follow or friend them and request open access to their profile. If the missing person is a friend of years they will of course grant you immediate access to their profile and your job for finding the missing person is finished.

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