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Have you ever asked yourself the question of how do I find a person? There may be many reasons you need to find missing people. Perhaps it's a long-lost classmate from your grade school years. Or there may be a long-lost lover you would like to reconnect with the used to know. Also, there are long-lost relatives that may need to be found for such things as family reunions or to settle estates after another relative passes away. It's possible to find people in any number of wasy and even to find a person by phone number so you can make immidiate contact with them.

To answer the question of how to find a person it's quite easy. With today's high-speed Internet access in almost every home in the United States the process for finding missing people has become much easier. It's unbelievable how much information is available online via local state and federal databases. In fact if you just did some searches for your own self, you might be shocked as to how much information is available online about you. In fact people should do that on a regular basis to make sure there is nothing out there that could be easy for identity thieves to take and steal your identity with by learning how to find a person by address.

The simplest way to find a person online is using one of the major search engines. Simply type a string of search terms into a search engine including that persons name and the last known city or state addresses you may know about. You may come up with thousands of pages of search results. If you did, you need to refine your search so that there are far fewer search results for you to filter through. You can always use the search engines advanced function for narrowing down the list of results. The first thing you of course would want to do is put quotations around the persons name so that only that exact phrases listed in search results and not pages that also include just the first name or the last name somewhere on the page to find people.

Also, if you know the person city or state where the used to live in include that in the search string. For example type in David Smith" and then also the city in which they lived in so that would be like David Smith Austin Texas. That will greatly reduce the number of results you will have to look at. In fact for finding missing people these advanced search features can narrow the field down from thousands of pages to literally dozens of pages. So how to find a person online using Internet search technology is thus a far simpler task if you simply use the search engines to their full extent.

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