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Are you trying to find people by address?Generally people file a change of address notice with the post office when they move so their mail can be forwarded. In the past anyone could obtain the forwarding address simply by sending a $3 money order along with a request for this information to the postmaster responsible for delivery of mail at the subject’s old address. This method ended in 1994, however there is another alternative to help you find a person’s address for free. You address an envelope with your mail-box return address on it to the person at their old address with the words “Do Not Forward – Address Correction Requested” printed on the envelope.

Another thing to consider when trying to find a person’s address for free is that the Post Office only holds change of address notices for only a limited amount of time, however, they do not destroy them. They are transferred to the U.S. Postal Service’s National Change of Address System, which is a database containing more than 25 million relocating customer’s change of address information. Though the information is not readily available to the general population, the Postal Service has been known to sell the tapes and frequent updates to over a dozen mailing list companies, who then use this information to update their own lists. Access to these mailing lists databases is bought by information vendors who then merge the data therein with other information to create a value-added product. Anyone who files a change of address notice now has the option not to be included on these lists provided to mailing list companies, according to the Postal Service.

When trying to find a person by phone number for free, keep in mind that using a system for tracing people using postal or magazine subscription change of address notices, the address you obtain may not be the person’s new address. It could possibly be that of a friend, a mail drop or mail forwarding service. Go here for more info about how to find a person by phone.

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