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When trying to find a person’s phone number after they have moved, and you don’t know the current address, always try their old phone number. A lot of times there will be a recording informing you of the new number. Other times the person’s old number will now belong to a member of the person’s family or household (possibly a roommate) who stayed behind at the residence when the person for whom you are searching moved out. Such people can assist you in finding a person’s phone number. Possibly the old number may be currently used by friend, relative or sub lessee of the person you are looking for, at times these people are also likely to know how to reach the person.

If you are trying to find a person’s phone number, many times the person who currently holds the old phone number may be in touch with the person in which you are looking for extended periods of time. In which case, even if the last listing was ten or fifteen years prior, you should still attempt to call that number. You may reach someone who isn’t in touch with your subject; however, they may have received calls from others looking for the same person. If the person you happen to reach at that number likes to chitchat, they may have interesting facts about the person you never thought to ask.

Find a person’s phone number using Sweep Searches

To find a person’s phone number, begin searching with the particular places closest to the last known address of the person of whom you are trying to find. Most times people tend to stay within the same general area or state and it makes the matter of how do I find a person fast simple. Since more and more people are commuting longer distances for work as well as telecommuting, checking all areas in a certain metropolis is a good place to start; inner city as well as suburbia and outlying communities in the same general vicinity. For example, to find a person’s phone number that is believed to work in New York City, check eastern Pennsylvania as well as New Jersey, Connecticut, and downstate New York. To find a person’s phone number believed to work in Washington D.C., be sure to include West Virginia, Delaware, and eastern Pennsylvania as well as Virginia, Maryland and Washington in your search. If you choose to use a CD-ROM directory, be sure to supplement it with online people finder searches and make sure it is updated.

Directory Assistance can be an invaluable tool when trying to find a person’s phone number. They use phone number databases that are updated on a daily basis. They do tend to have a high rate of errors for a variety of reasons. Such as, getting an operator who may have misunderstood the name or spelling. Always call back to try another operator. Also, if your request was handled by a computer, call back and try to get a human operator.

Finding a person’s phone number when using Directory Assistance is best utilized when you possess the exact name and spelling of the person in which you are looking for or if their surname is uncommon. It is not necessary to have the correct spelling if you are familiar with the pronunciation; spelling variations are automatically included with Directory Assistance. Another good aspect of Directory Assistance is that they can tell you whether or not the number you are searching for is unlisted; this way at least you will know subscribes to a telephone company within the area code or the region that was searched.

To find a person’s phone number as well as their address using Directory Assistance, you have to speak to a human operator. If by chance you connect with a computer generated answering device, make sure what you say is not comprehensible, this will make the computer, by design, shift your call to a human operator. You will be reconnected to the voice automated system as soon as you relay the information you would like searched so be sure to request the address as well as the phone number before you give the operator the name.

If you’re trying to find a person’s phone number, a CD-ROM database may be your best bet if you have a long list of same-surname individuals included in your search. Regardless of whether you use an electronic directory, a variety of print directories, or Directory Assistance, be sure to search the entire locality. Often, people fail to find a person’s phone number because they may, for example, only look in New York City borough directories and the Nassau and Suffolk County directories and overlook the possibilities of say looking in the Westchester and New Jersey directories. This is a mistake that can also pertain to CD-ROM searches. If you are trying to find a person’s phone number with a fairly common surname and you search community by community but don’t cover the entire metro area; or when using Directory Assistance you fail to search all the area codes within the search area.

Find a person’s phone number using Calling Lists

To find a person’s phone number with the assistance of Select Phone, you can assemble a same-surname calling list for any city, state, or region (or zip code) you think is worth searching. This allows you to base your priorities on various arrangements of the subject’s name or that of his or her spouse. For example, if you are trying to find a person’s phone number with the name Mike Smith, you can separate all the Smiths that include “Mike” or “M” as a first name or middle name or as part of a joint name. This may not lead you to the Mike Smith you are looking for, however, it may lead you to an unconnected individual that has received frequent calls from others trying to find the same person you are and may have information on how to reach them. In certain instances, the Mike Smith you are not trying to find may have remembered reading something about the individual you are trying to locate simply because of the familiarity of the name.

If you don’t have any luck with “Mike” or “M”, when trying to find a person’s phone number, be sure to try variations of his wife’s first and middle names as well as her maiden name. If this proves fruitless, try using the full list of Smiths in the vicinity most likely to include Mike’s relatives such as his home state or city, or other cities where he was known to spend significant amounts of time, as well as the area of his last known residence.

The above mentioned method may help you find a person’s phone number or at least lead you to the people closest to the one you are trying to find such as an ex-wife that may be willing to give you the phone number and address right then and there. It may even be the person you are looking for, with a listing in a different name such as a middle name, a nickname, or even a family member you didn’t know about.

If you are still trying to find a person’s phone number after trying the above mentioned techniques, try all of the people with the same surname as Mike’s wife before she married him; you may find her parents, a sibling or even an ex-husband or prior in-laws that may be willing to assist you in your search.

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