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Begin to find a person for free and their unlisted phone numbers for free by checking online “people finders” or information broker databases that may include unlisted numbers found in old telephone directories or non telephone sources including the “above-the-line” or “header” information in the databases of credit-reporting agencies. If this search doesn’t help you find unlisted phone numbers for free, it may at the very least give you the person’s home address. You can then find the numbers for the person’s closest neighbors using a street directory and perhaps persuade them to give you the unlisted number.

If you are using Directory Assistance to help you find unlisted phone numbers for free and they tell you the number is unlisted, remember to check the phone book. The unlisted number in which you are trying to attain may have been obtained by the subject very recently. If this is the case and the person has been at the same address for any length of time, you may find that the previously listed number is, in fact, the same number that is now unlisted. (It more cost effective not to change the number when the account is transferred to an unlisted status.) If the unlisted number was obtained at the time of a move to a new address, the number will most likely be a new one; if you call the old number, however, you may reach a recording informing you of a contact number for the person’s family, friends or business contacts. If you reach a recording stating that the number has been disconnected, try again in a couple of days. The telephone at the person’s new place of residence may not be installed, and the number may not be available as of yet to find a person

If you’re trying to find a person by phone number for free and you are unable to find a listing for the subject in the current telephone directory, visit the public library and search back editions. The person’s currently unlisted number may have been there previously listed number.

Another tactic to help you find a person by phone and unlisted phone numbers for free is to call the listed numbers of all of the people with the same surname in the white pages. Especially in smaller populated areas the person’s relatives may live nearby, this often yields quick results. Assume you have the correct number and say, “I’d like to speak with Stanley Franklin.” They say, “You have the wrong Franklin; he can be reached at…” and you have the information you were searching for. Most times a relative won’t even know the number they are giving out is unlisted.

When trying to find unlisted phone numbers for free, it may be found in a city directory. City directories compile their information on households using the survey method, unlike crisscross directories which are based on the white pages. The members of the household are asked, by the survey taker, to provide the households phone number along with other information. Not many refuse to give their telephone number regardless of whether or not it is unlisted in the white pages. Even if the household member refuses to divulge the telephone number, you will still find the address of the family and perhaps the place of employment for the head of household in the city directory. City directories have been discontinued for quite a while in larger cities, however, you might check the final edition of the city directory on microfilm at the public library if the person you are searching for has lived in the same home for ten to twenty years and has never been in the phone book. The person’s phone number, maintained as unlisted all of this time, may be in the final 1962 edition of the city directory. Also if the person has lived in the area for that length of time, he or she is probably pretty well known in the community so you might have better luck contacting their neighbors to find unlisted phone numbers for free.

Another method to find unlisted phone numbers for free is to check at the county courthouse or town hall for possibly a permit application that has been filed that may hold the unlisted phone number.

It is not uncommon for some corporations to hand out internal phone directories to their employees that contain the home address and phone numbers of each associate. The contents of these directories are often different than that which you will find in the telephone company’s white pages. This is helpful when trying to find unlisted phone numbers for free if you know the person’s place of employment or former place of employment. You should consider contacting a current or former colleague who has a copy of the directory and who may be willing to share this information with you. Such directories are commonly obtained by personnel agency headhunters to scout for new employees.

If you are trying to find unlisted phone numbers for free, find out if the person for whom you are searching is an alumnus or alumna of a private school, university, or professional college. This person’s home number may be listed in the alumni directory or perhaps a class reunion directory. It doesn’t occur to people that someone other than old classmates may be searching for them and they willingly provide the information.

When attempting to find unlisted phone numbers for free, and you know the person is a college student, a member of the faculty or support staff, or married to one, check the campus directory. Even if it is not listed in the telephone company’s white pages, it may be listed there.

To find unlisted phone numbers for free, attempt to get the individual to call you and use your Caller ID. You may be able to attain the unlisted number in this manner depending on what type of call they make and whether or not they opt to use the Caller ID blocking code.

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