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Have you lost track of an old flame? Perhaps you are looking for a relative. Or you want to track down an old friend. There are ways you can find a lost person without paying for it. You can follow the same basic procedures a private investigator would use to find a lost person.

Start With These Steps

  1. Here's how to begin when trying to find people for free. Create a very detailed profile of the missing person you are searching for. Write down the person's name, old addresses if known, age, aquaintances and relatives if known, past neighbors, past schools attended, past employers, and past professional or club affiliations. Study the list you created. Chances are there is something right there in front of you that will give you a good start as to where to find a lost person.
  2. Leave your emotions behind. Chances are you are searching for this person because they mean something to you. They could be an old lover or an old enemy. Either way if you are going to find a lost person, you need to be methotical and matter of fact in your search. Next put yourself in the person's shoes. Try to start thinking like they think. Think about their likes and dislikes. Search in areas that would satisfy their likes. For example, if they like to play golf, call some golf course in the area you think they may be and ask to get a contact number for the person. Tell them you lost their number and need to confirm something with them.
  3. To find out about a person or find a lost person, look at every piece of information you have accumulated so far. Verify the information again. Make sure every bit of it is solid. If in doubt, now is the time to omit questionable leads. Trust but verify every lead you get from every person.
  4. Remember that, depending upon how well you actually know the person, they may be using a different name or a different name. Could "Donnie" be going by Donald? Or how about "Liz" possibly using Elizabeth? Finding a lost person requires one to think outside the box. Never assume anything. Keep running over in your all the "what ifs" you can think of to find a lost person.
  5. Many people have the exact same name as quite a few others. In this case you must know the person's approximate date of birth to sorth through all your possible hits when you are attempting to find a lost person.
  6. Getting a zip code for a person can be a great lead. Try going to and enter the person's name. If you get lucky, you will get a list of names with zip codes that may match and one of them could help you find a lost person. Even better, if you end up with a 9 digit zip code, you may even be able to track them to a specific city block or floor range of a large apartment building. Also, try doing a search on the web for Internent directories for that area and search the person's name there. Also, to find a lost person, you can call directory assistance for as many exchanges as you can think of where the person could be. Who knows, you might get lucky!
  7. If you do get a number, you can find a lost person with the area coda and the exchange numbers. Those first 6 digits of the number can lead you to a specific area of the city or town. In fact, many times you may be able to narrow it down to a ten by ten block area. Even most cell phones use the exchange of the area from which the phone was first registered in. So, if you have a zip code and a phone number, you cana use the combination to really narrow down the search and help you find a lost person.

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