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One doesn't always have to hire a private investigator to find information about a person. Actually, finding information about almost anyone can be done so long as one has patience.

All that is needed is for a person to understand a few time tested procedures which are often used by private investigators to find information about a missing person.

Before starting, one must first realize the need to keep very detailed records of your steps during the investigation. Keep these copies for future reference and any correspondence you may have with people during your investigation.

Start your investigation for finding lost people to find information about a person where the person lives or works. Use the Internet to do searchs about his place of employment if known. Look through the company's directory page for details about the person. Do searches for the person on the Internet with the person's name and town and/or employer in the search field when trying to find people free.

Private investigators, in order to find information about a person, will often call local hairdressers, bartenders, gas stations, newspaper delivery persons, etc. and pose gerneric questions to these people about the person. Oftentimes, they will find someone who knows the person and is willing to talk.

Below you will find some specific tips and tricks private investigators use to find information about a person.


If the person's current address is not known but a former address is, simply send a letter to the last known address with your own return address. Write on the envelope: DO NOT FORWARD - ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED -- If the forwarading address is known, you will be notified of it.


One may write to the local County Clerk in the county where the person's residence is and request in legal proceedings which the person has been involved in. There will be a small fee for when you try to find information on people this way.


You can check with the telephone company to find out if the missing person made any long distance calls just prior to departure. You can check with the people called for any leads.


In most states the department of motor vehicles can be used to find information about a person. There will also be a small fee for this search. It is also possible to find the person's date of birth using this method.


Most local libraries have a directory of the city on file which will list people by name and address and possibley occupation. Phone numbers may be found in this way too.


The person's name, address, and date of registration can be found by accessing the county's voter registration records. These records are open to the public


This county clerk records various types of legal documents, like wills and marriage certificates. These records are open to the public also and are an excellent way to find information about a person.


The property the person owns is recorded in the county assessor's office. These records are open to the public too.

These are just a few mean one can find information about a person. With some patience and checking in the right places, one will usually find the information they are looking for.

Good Luck!

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