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Are you looking for a person in Denver? Perhaps a long lost boy friend or girl friend? Or maybe a relative that hasn't been heard from in a long time? If so, we have some options that may help. The private investigators listed below are the best in town for finding people in Denver. After you have tried all the free methods for finding people (we talk about those methods on your home page.)

Private investigators in Denver charge anywhere from $75 to $400 per hour. Oftentimes there is a minimum, but some investigators only charge when a person is found. Call the investigators below and get the full details for how they can help you find people in Denver.

If you are a private investigator in Denver who specializes in locating people, contact us about having your company details added to our site.

Rick Johnson & Associates-Colorado - (720) 435-0791

Ross Investigators PC Private Investigators - (720) 435-0791

Denver Metro Investigations - (303) 304-3034

Mile High Investigations - (303) 324-3804

Cherry Creek Detective Agency LLC - (303) 304-3034

Remember, before hiring an investigator, always exhaust all your no-cost options for seeking people. Use social media platforms like FaceBook and Twitter when looking for people. Plus, Google is always a great place to search. Remember to use Quotes around specific full names to narrow the search results. You can also do advanced searches that only show results in specific time periods. This will help eliminate many unfavorable results when searching for friends, relatives or long lost lovers.

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