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Are you needing to find a long-lost friend or other person in the USA? If so, there are many online options available today now that the worldwide Internet is more accessible and faster than ever. Most of these options we want to begin with are completely free and have no cost for an unlimited number of searches one my perform when trying to find a person in the United States.

There are of course options that you can pay for to take the work out of the process of how to find a person by cell phone or otherwise, but most people prefer to use the free methods initially when trying to find a person. If the persons name is quite unique for the town Lake formerly resided in is unique and small in size, it's quite possible you can find a person simply by doing a search in one of the search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Many of these search engines today are highly accurate and will produce extremely good results. Of course if the person's name is quite common, such as John Smith, you'll end up with tens of thousands and perhaps hundreds of thousands of results when trying to find a person in the USA. Goodness only knows how many John Smith there are in this country let alone worldwide.

I just did a search in fact for John Smith and came up with over 20 million results. Of course when you try to find find people for free , this indicates all the webpages that have the word John and Smith somewhere on them. This is a good lesson to teach right now. When doing a search for a person specific name be sure and put quotes around the person's full name and then only those exact names will show up. In other words, in the results only the exact phrase John Smith will be given in the search results and not those pages that may have the word John and the word Smith somewhere on the page although not necessarily together.

It may take some practice to get good with using a search engine to find a person free , but between the top three search engines it's quite possible to do this especially if you know the last known residence or perhaps a phone number for that missing person in the USA. If in fact spending a few hours trying to find a person with these free methods is not fruitful, there are other services online that one may use which are paid for. These are low-cost and range between a few dollars to a few hundreds of dollars depending on the level of sophistication you wish to perform when you try to find a person in the United States. Most of these services will take your credit card number first but will not charge your credit card and last they are successful in finding the information about the person you are searching for. Be sure and read the terms of service on these services websites about their charges and when they won't charge. You want to be sure that you are only paying for information that is valuable to you.

Lastly, when trying to find people not for free, there are private investigators which can be found online which you can hire personally to locate that missing person. In this case, the missing person must be very important to you because the private investigators will charge a significant amount of money compared to the free searches and the slightly paid for versions available online which we talked about earlier. You can expect to pay between 40 and $100 per hour for the services of these private investigators when you use them to find a person in the USA.

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