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Do you need to find a person from your past? Remember the great times you had with some of your buddies from high school? Wouldn't it be great to find a few of them and get together for old time's sake during a class reunion? In this article we will detail just how simple it is to use modern search engine technology and find people for free using your Internet connection.

It has never been simpler nowadays, thanks to the advance of sites like Google and Yahoo, to find people from your past without having to spend much, if any money whatsoever. Gone are the days of having to hire private investigation firms in order to find missing people. Nowadays, anyone with a high-speed Internet connection and a little bit of knowledge about modern-day search engines can easily find whoever they are looking for where ever they may be in this country or abroad.

It's never been easier to find a person now days. Most people are thoroughly familiar with how to use a search engine for finding basic information such as recipes, the current weather, concert dates, etc. for finding a missing person, you will use the search engine in much the same way but there are a few special tricks and tips we want to share to make the process simpler for locating the person you are looking for.

First and foremost, when trying to find a person, it is extremely important to do a search with quotes around the persons name. By this we mean to place the first and last names together and put a quote before the first name and one after the last name. This will ensure that all of the search results that the search engine provides will only contain those webpages which list that exact name in that specific order. Otherwise, without the quotes, you'll end up with hundreds and perhaps thousands of pages of search results which contained the first name and the last name but not necessarily those names together. This of course can lead to many hours of frustrating searching as you filter through all those pages whereas most are not relevant to the search for the person you are looking for.

Additionally, if the name is extremely common, you may still end up with hundreds and thousands of pages of search results from around the country and also from around the world for that exact name match. In order to narrow down the search results even further, you can add other parameters to the search such as the persons occupation and their last known city of residence. This will narrow the field of results by an extreme amount and make it far easier to sift through those pages in order to locate the people you are looking for.

It may even be necessary, when you attempt to find a person, to narrow the field down farther by placing additional parameters such as schools attended, occupations of the people, and perhaps even relatives names which may be associated with that person on certain family webpages.

If after trying these techniques for several minutes or even several hours and you still are successful, will speak here about another technique that is not free but is highly effective for finding a person. There are a number of services online which specialize in finding lost people for a very small fee. These fees can range anywhere from $20-$200 depending on the complexity of the search and the amount of information you are seeking to know about that person. Although these costs are not free, there far less expensive than having to hire a private investigator who sees could run anywhere from $1000-$5000 and up. Another great thing about using these online services to find people with is that they usually do not charge your credit card unless a successful search is completed for that lost person.

When using one of these online services which require credit card to find a person with, always check with their terms of service and make sure you know exactly when and how much your credit card will be charged. Always search for those services that have guarantees and will not charge your credit card unless they actually do find the person you are looking for.

Lastly, if all of these methods fail for locating a person you are seeking to find, you can always use the Internet to hire a private investigator in your area. Additionally, the Internet can be used to checkup on the private investigator to see if there have been any formal complaints filed against him or her with the state agency they are required to be licensed with. When trying to find a person, this makes it very easy to locate a qualified investigation firm that has a good track record with out many grievances being filed against them.

Hopefully these tips and tricks for finding a lost person will enable you to locate those old high school buddies for a happy class reunion.

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