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Do you need to find a long-lost friend or relative or perhaps a classmate from grade school? There are any numbers of reasons that you may be looking for a specific person from your past. With today's advances in Internet search technology this process for finding missing people has never been easier than it is now. Usually, within a few seconds on one of the major search engines like Yahoo or Bing we can type in a few strings of keywords and end up with the correct result. It's amazing to think how much information is available online about all of us to anyone with a high-speed connection to the Internet.

To find a person by phone number, simply go to one of the search engines like Yahoo or Bing and type in the person's first and last name and perhaps their last known address of residence. Also you can try typing in their name along with the high school or university which you know they attended. These are great ways to begin the search and main fact be all you need to find and locate that person by phone number. If it's a landline number you are looking for, there are countless online directories called white pages that archive the names and phone numbers of people all across the country. They simply gain access to the telephone companies listings which are published in the white pages and transfer them to their websites for easy searching.

Of course if you're looking for a person cell phone number, it can become far more difficult to locate the and simply a landline number. The find a person by phone number is easy if it's listed with one of the major directories. However, cell phones are not listed in any directory on purpose. The reason for that is that cell phone calls require a small bit of bandwidth which is costly to the telephone service providers. They do not want to supply access to the phone numbers which advertisers and other telemarketers may gain access to and thus causing and wanted phone calls and thus increasing the amount of bandwidth and cost they incur. In fact, it's probably a good thing for all of us are cell phone numbers are not listed in any databases that are easily read online. You know how annoying sales calls and telemarketing calls can be; it's nice to deal to eliminate most of those.

However, as you know, many times when online filling out applications such as for loans, insurance, or simply purchasing something online we are required to give some information such as our address and telephone numbers. It may not supposed to be this way, but many times this information is up in a database which eventually ends up indexed by one of the major search engines and that information becomes public knowledge and can be found online. Again, it should not be like this, but many of these places do not have secure databases and allow eventual access and indexing of that information. And once this becomes part of indexing one of the major search engines, it's all but impossible to have it removed.

Therefore, it can be extremely easy to do a simple search for a person by name and perhaps the area code for the city or residence in which you knew they last resided in and actually find some numbers associated with that person. And as stated above, be sure to include any known universities or the high school in which they attended. Many alumni, your books, and class reunion officials often build databases of information about former classmates which also eventually end up indexed online which can be used to find a person's phone number.

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