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Be glad you live in today's modern society where high-speed Internet access is available to almost everyone. In times past, we were searching for information, such as a person's phone number, or nowadays specifically their cell phone number, it was extremely difficult to get this information. Back in the days before the Internet, about the only people I had access to such information were private investigators who did such things for a living. Because that process was so labor-intensive, the private investigator needed to charge quite a lot of money to make a fair living when finding lost people.

Today things are far different due to the advancements in Internet search technology. It's amazing an almost scary to realize how much of our lives have been indexed and are available on any number of the major online search engines. Everyone should go to one of the search engines like Yahoo or Bing and type in their first and last name and just see what's out there about the them. It might very well be shocking to most of us to see how much information anyone can find out about us simply by going to any computer and typing in a short search.

But to find people for free by cell phone number is quite a lot more difficult than finding that same persons landline number. The reason being is that the major telephone providers do not provide a listing for all the cell phone numbers but they give out. The reason for this is that cell phone traffic requires bandwidth which in turn requires money. Every cell phone call has a small cost associated with it to the service providers. Even though we may have unlimited calling our telephones, each call still requires a bit of bandwidth and thus requires a bit of cost to the providers such as AT&T.

So to find a person by cell phone number becomes a bit more difficult. We must be a little more creative in doing our searches when looking for these people buy cell numbers. To begin with, simply go to Yahoo or Bing and type in the person's name followed by their last known state or city of residence. It also helps to type in their career if no. For example, if they are a lawyer, simply type in their name, their city or state, and the word lawyer into the search string in either one of the major searching engines. If the persons name is quite common, this type of search can lead to countless pages, perhaps hundreds or even thousands of search results that must be sifted through.

This of course can be extremely time-consuming and to eliminate many of these unwanted results becomes necessary to perform even more advanced searches. Most of the search engines have advanced search functionality by clicking on that button on their homepage. There you can filter the search further and eliminate many of the unwanted results. For example, if you notice person has only been a given city for a given number of years, you can limit the number of years the search goes back for.

For example, if you know they have only been in Dallas Texas for three years at most, you can tell the search engine to eliminate all search results that originated with that person's name and address previous to the three years. Without performing this advanced step, you may in fact have results that go back 10 or 15 years for that person's name. Of course if the person's name is quite unique, you made fact only have a few pages of Internet search results to browse.

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