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When looking for lost people it's often a simple matter to go to the Internet to one of the major search engines and perform a quick search for that person's name and last known state or city of residence and filter them through the search results. If you're lucky, there are not hundreds or thousands of pages of search results to filter through. If there are many thousands or hundreds of pages to go through for a search of a given person's name there are ways to filter and sort out those extra pages which are not relevant. For example if you know a person's last known city or state address simply type that he and along with her name and often times their phone number will also be at shown in certain webpages.

Of course you may not know the person's address or be able to find a person by phone number . If you need to find a person's address, simply type their name in along with the last known city or state that you know they resided in and browse those search results. Oftentimes, especially if the name is very unique, it will be a simple matter of performing these more demand searches in the search engines to find the missing person you are looking for. Lost people simply can't hide from most Internet search engines. It is quite easy these days to learn how to find a missing person . That is either a fortunate or unfortunate fact depending on which and of the search you are on.

In fact, it's so easy to find people addresses and locations online that should be a warning to many of us out there to how easy it is for our identity to be stolen. When trying to find a missing person or to find a person by address, notice how much information is available online about that person. In fact you can even do some searches for yourself and see just what's out there about you. It may be surprising and shocking as someone in the world could be looking for a person such as yourself and how easy it is to find that lost person.

There are ways to protect yourself from this if one is aware of the possibilities. For example, on social media websites, if you don't want people to know your state and/or city of residence, simply don't include that information in the bio of the social media website. It's amazing how many people list personal details including their actual address and personal pictures on those social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

When you defined up person by address, you can see now how simple the process is with today's modern technology in the search engines that make the process simple and easy to find missing people.

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