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Are you looking for a long-lost relative or perhaps a classmates for your grade school days? It's simple today to find missing people using available search engine technology that's right at her fingertips in her own house. In the old days, before the advance of the Internet, it is extremely difficult to find a missing person.

Back then, about the only options you had for finding a missing person were private investigators who charged quite a lot of money to perform these searches. The reason the costs were so high back then was that all of the state and local databases were not combined into a central location. The private investigation would have to be conducted into each and every one of those databases and thus it would be extremely time-consuming and costly to find missing people compared to those costs today.

Now then, it simply a matter of inputting that persons first and last names along with perhaps the last known state or city of residence into a search engine such as Yahoo or Google. Modern-day search technology is such that almost every reference to persons name which is somewhere on the web is located with in these indexes. Becomes only a matter of sifting through the results and refining the process in order to find a person you are looking for.

If the person's name is quite unique, this can be an extremely simple process and you may in fact even find the person's name on the first page of search engine results. However, if the persons name is quite unique, it may in fact require further filtering and more exact searching with in the engines to perform a search that is limited to fewer numbers of results.

The more information you can come up with for finding a missing person before doing the search the better. Before even going to your computer to find a person be sure and write down as much information as you can think of that may enable the search engines to better assist you in finding that missing person. For example, write out everything you know about were the person may have lived in the past. Also if you know all the schools they attended including grade schools high schools and universities, be sure and note them also. Should you know the person's occupation, this can be extremely helpful in finding missing people. For example many organizations, clubs, licensing locations Tom a etc. have large databases which include the people's names and contact numbers for those occupations.

So if you have the persons name, and approximate location within the country, perhaps a few schools they attended, and lastly their current occupation, it is more than likely when conducting a search with the search parameters that you will find this person on the first page of results nine times out of 10.

If these free methods for locating missing people are not productive, there are paid options available online for finding those who are missing. These services require a fee ranging between $20-$200 usually. They have greater access and more refined search techniques which make the process easier for them. Should you decide to use one of these services, they mostly require your credit card to be inputted before beginning the search. Most of them however, do not charge a fee unless a successful search is accomplished in the missing person you are looking for is in fact found. Be sure and check with the terms of service for these organizations to know exactly what they consider a successful search and when it if your credit card will in fact be charged. Also find out if there are additional charges that may be added to your credit card which by default are approved during the agreement for the initial search.

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